The Lake Superior Chartering Fishing Dock is located on Barker’s Island, Superior, Wisconsin. There is plenty of free parking with a picnic area and swimming beach within walking distance. The parking lot is motorhome friendly with spacious parking spots. Over night camping not allowed, but day use is permitted. Lodging facilities are located close to our location and gift shops are located on the island.

Our official street address is:

200 Marina Drive, Barkers Island, Superior, WI, 54880

However, inputting that address may not get you directly to the charter docks on your GPS, Google Maps, Bing Maps etc. Note our exact location as shown on the BING Map below:

Finding the Docks on Barker’s Island

Once you cross the Marina Dr. Bridge onto Barker’s Island, follow Marina Drive as it curves to the right. You will pass a couple small pull-offs and a small sandy beach.  You will then pass a driveway with “Do Not Enter” signs and a small brown outbuilding on your right; this is the exit of the charter docks parking lot.  Take the next driveway on your right, and turn right again to head towards the boat launches and parking.   You should see the sign for the Charter Dock along the water’s edge to your right (2 O’Clock).

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Learn more about the boats at the docks:

The Lake Superior Charter Fishing Dock is home to Sportfishing Charters in the Twin Ports region of Superior, WI, and Duluth, MN on Lake Superior, targeting Lake Trout, Salmon, Walleye and more…